Thermal Admission

One color, ten color, full colour process, simple, elaborate, numbered, tear-offs, short run, large run ... whatever you need.

Security Features

  • Fluorescent Inks
  • Coin Reactive Ink
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Clearcoat Varnish
  • Holographic
  • Diffraction and Metallic Foils
  • Micro-Print
  • Barcoding or Numbering
  • Thermal Paper Friction Test
  • Security Perforation / Die-cutting
  • UV / Black Light Ink
  • Void Screens

Point of Sale / Laser Sheets / Dot Matrix

We can provide you with ticket stock for virtually any ticket-issuing equipment. Our numbering and perforating capabilities are near limitless, so we are able to configure your tickets to suit your specific requirements.

Specialty Tickets

VIP, backstage & staff passes, parking passes, coat checks and beverage tickets, specialty tickets to suit any purpose.

Artwork & Ticket Design

Our pre-press department is ready to accept your artwork in whatever format you prefer. Send us your images and we can create a ticket for you.

Stock Items

We carry blank stock tickets in a variety of formats, including thermal, dot matrix and laser sheets. We also stock beverage tickets, coat checks and parking tickets of all kinds. Visit our Stock Tickets page for more details or give us a call. It will be our pleasure to assist you in finding just the right ticket for your needs.

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