In House Graphics

Artwork Guidelines

Canada Ticket uses the most advanced electronic pre-press techniques to produce high quality tickets, tags and labels.

We have found that the most accurate replication of artwork is achieved when the customer provides their artwork in an electronic format.

Our in-house graphic design department is ready to accept your artwork in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop; or send us your images and we can design a ticket for you.

Design Guidelines & Specifications

File Name Size (KBytes)
Artwork Guidelines.pdf 365.18 Download
Bitmap vs Vector Artwork.pdf 92.45 Download
Coloured Tag (10pt) 11-05.pdf 631.7 Download
Coloured Tag (7pt) 07-06.pdf 774.08 Download
Decimal Chart.pdf 93.64 Download
Fanfold Guidelines.pdf 79.21 Download
Label Guidelines.pdf 107.76 Download
Pantone Chips.pdf 596.56 Download
Roll Guidelines.pdf 141.12 Download
Roll Length Formulas.xls 14.84 Download
Sheet Fed Considerations.pdf 525.17 Download
Tag Size Chart.pdf 109.45 Download
Thermal Adm Bars & Locations.pdf 53.1 Download
Thermal Admission Bars & Ad Specs.pdf 894.7 Download
Thermal Bar Formula.pdf 141.33 Download
Thermal Ticket Information.pdf 459.45 Download
Ticket Board.pdf 117.43 Download

Warehousing Custom Products

Don’t Run Out of Tickets

To serve you better, Canada Ticket can warehouse your tickets in our secure facility.


Why Warehousing?

1. Custom-printed tickets

Have your custom-printed tickets stored in our warehouse, available to ship on a scheduled or an as-needed basis.

2. Ready for immediate shipment

Stock and warehoused custom-printed tickets can be shipped on the same or next day.

3. Secured premises

Being a security printer, our premises are solely owned and operated by Canada Ticket Inc. In addition to being alarmed and monitored, our facility is also under constant video surveillance. 

We have a closed shop policy. All exterior doors remain locked at all times and visitors must be buzzed-in by our staff. Visitors are signed-in, signed-out, and must be escorted throughout our facility

Running Out Of Tickets?

We carry a wide range of stock tickets such as thermal admission tickets, parking tickets, redemption tickets, beverage tickets, coat checks, 50-50 tickets and more. Please visit our Stock Tickets page for more details.

Trade Printing

Business To Business Printing

We produce tickets, tags and labels for printers, brokers, dealers and software distributors for a variety of industries.

Much of Canada Ticket's success is based on our integrity. You can be assured we will handle every situation in an honest and ethical manner.

Customer and supplier confidentiality is part of what we do.

Tag Finishing

Tagging Procedures

Canada Ticket is equipped to provide a variety of tag finishing procedures.
You supply the printed product and we turn it into a tag.

Tag Finishing Options Include:

  • Drilling/Punching
  • Patching
  • Metal-eyeleting
  • Notching
  • Round-cornering
  • Numbering
  • Perforating
  • Stringing
  • Wiring 

Please contact us if you require any of the above features applied to your tags. Stock thickness, strength and finish must be taken into consideration for patching, eyeletting and stringing procedures.

Depending on the extent of finishing requirements, it may be more economical for us to produce the entire tag for you. Please visit our Tags page for more info.

Numbering & Barcoding

Numbering Services

Almost every ticket, tag or label includes some form of consecutive numbering, book numbering, or barcoding. We number window decals, reserved seat tickets, load tags and more.

For decades, Canada Ticket has provided reliable consecutive numbering on screen-printed products such as parking decals and serial numbered decals.

We offer digitally imaged numbers and barcodes for a variety of printed products in continuous format (rolls or fan-fold).

If you have a finished product that requires numbering or barcoding, please contact us. Our customer service representative will be happy to help you.