Green Initiatives: Recycled Materials & Carbon Footprint Awareness

Canada Ticket is working very hard towards reducing its environmental footprint. This regulates the papers and the inks that we use, as well as the cartons in which our products are packaged.

All our products are 100% recyclable and a large majority are made from papers composed of over 30% post consumer waste.

All our inks are water based, minimizing the impact on the environment.

0% of Canada Ticket's waste goes to the landfill.

We are part of Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy program. For more information on this program, you can view the following PDF: Waste to Energy or visit the about page of Metro Vancouver's Waste-to-Energy website.

Since most printed tickets have value, we ensure security waste disposal. All paper and synthetic non-secure tickets are sent for recycling by Cascades Recovery Inc. 

Power-Smart Initiatives

Canada Ticket has also gone to great lengths to ensure we continue to reduce our power consumption and carbon footprint. We’re proud to have one of British Columbia’s largest electrical solar installations that compliments all of our Power-Smart initiatives, including:

  • Motion-activated Power-Smart lighting throughout our facility.
  • An incremental air compressor program helps conserve the energy required for the compressed air system by utilizing different compressors based on the current demand.
  • Power stabilization to reduce volatile draw from the main power grid.
  • All LED lighting on the exterior of our building and grounds.


Our head office is centrally located in Langley, a suburb of Vancouver, BC.

We currently advertise new employment opportunities in local papers to encourage future employees who live within the community or in close proximity.

At the present time, close to 90% of our staff can reach work within 15 minutes.

Fortis BC Green Leader

By joining the Fortis BC Green Leader program, Canada Ticket is further reducing its environmental footprint by using renewable natural gas that is made from local organic waste found at B.C. landfills and farms such as Fraser Valley Biogas and Salmon Arm Landfill.

For more info on the Green Leader Program and what is Renewable Natural Gas, you can view the following PDF: Renewable Natural Gas

Cleaning Supplies

Canada Ticket is proud to use Wisent Environmental for it's janitorial and shop cleaning supplies.

"Wisent Environmental offers sustainable supply and waste management solutions for your facility and operations. Our business provides sustainable procurement, environmental products and services, waste stream management, water and energy conservation and quantitative marketing reports."