Our History

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First Generation

In 1883, at the age of 13, Herbert Robins was apprenticed to James Bellamy, a printer in Northampton, England. By 1912, Herbert had attained the position of foreman of the letterpress department at The Guardian Printing Works in Preston. In that year, the Robins family emigrated to Canada with their one year old son, Frank, in tow. Upon arrival in Vancouver, Herbert soon secured employment as a typesetter with the Vancouver Sun newspaper, with whom he remained until his retirement in 1940.

Second Generation

Shortly after graduating from Vancouver Technical School where he majored in printing, Herbert's only son, Frank, began work as a pressman at the Nicholson Printing Company in 1929. It was at Nicholson that Frank met his wife, Wilda, who was working part time as a bindery girl. Frank went on to become General Manager of Nicholson Printing and subsequently General Manager of the successor company, Southam Farwest Printing. He retired in 1976.

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Third Generation

Frank’s eldest son, Doug, began his printing career after graduating from Vancouver Technical School in 1953 where he also majored in printing. His first job was as 'printer's devil' with Anderson Printing in 1953, followed by Uneeda Printers in 1955. Two years later in 1957, Doug began working for the Nicholson Printing Company as an apprentice compositor, where his father, Frank, was working as plant superintendent. Doug eventually became General Manager of Southam Farwest Printing in 1976.

In 1979, Doug started his own printing company, Canada Ticket, with the help of his wife, Fellette, and their three children. The company has continued to grow and gradually Doug withdrew from the day-to-day running of the business.

Fourth Generation

In 2001 Doug and Fellette's children, Jeanette, Craig and Wally took over the management of the company with Wally stepping in as General Manager and Vice President. Today Canada Ticket produces tickets, tags and labels for a wide variety of industries throughout Canada, the United States and the world. 

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